FOUNDATION: EFFEN® starts with 100% premium wheat from Northern France. Wheat contains the purest kind of starch – one that is extremely low in fatty acids. The result is a silky, smooth liquid.

FILTRATION: EFFEN® is filtered through a column of active carbon – a method well known to deliver optimal filtration.

DISTILLATION: EFFEN® uses continuous distillation, where the liquid circulates within giant stainless steel columns and is effectively distilled hundreds of times. Heating during distillation occurs at temperatures below 85 degrees creating a vodka without any traces of burnt sugar. It is an important difference you can taste and smell – clean and pure – with no ‘off notes’.

HYDRATION: EFFEN® sources its water from a virtually untouched natural local reservoir. Then, using a process known as ‘Reverse Osmosis,’ hydraulic pumps force the pure spring water upward vertically through a series of filters and a specialized membrane. This upward pressure enhances the removal of impurities as opposed to standard filtration. The membrane is specially created to remove even the smallest impurities.