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Embracing creative expression

Distilled down to its purest essence, EFFEN Vodka is a bold celebration of diversity and individuality

At EFFEN both our vodka and our social standpoint is bold, out-there and uncompromisingly unique. We’re all about liquid living that’s progressive and celebrates life in high-octane color. Our signature vodka is chill-distilled and carbon-filtered for an exceptionally smooth texture. Equally, our social ethos is distinct and expressive. We want to help champion social change. It’s as transparent as that (just like our clear EFFEN Original). Two of our EFFEN core values are acceptance and creativity. It’s about fostering an open mindset and authentic freedom of expression. For us at EFFEN life is a celebration and we encourage equality and unity. And we aim to live like this 24/7.

Forget social barriers, it’s all about attitude

That’s exactly the reasoning behind our chosen non-profit partnerships. Every year we develop new alliances with the most progressive charities around that support diversity in the community. We want to speak out on issues that matter and encourage our EFFEN global community to join us. We’re loud and proud together, right?

EFFEN bartenders making cocktails with EFFEN Rosé Vodka.

Outfest continues to be one of our key non-profit collaborations. We’ve worked with this globally-renowned Los Angeles based LGBTQIA+ non-profit over a number of years. Their mission is simple: To promote equality by creating, sharing and protecting LGBTQIA+ stories on screen. As they say it so well; ‘creating change, one story at a time.’ Founded by UCLA students in 1982, Outfest showcases films, educates and mentors hundreds of emerging film-makers and protects more than 41,000 LGBTQIA+ films and videos through their Outfest UCLA Legacy Project.

The Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival is an eleven-day celebration of world-class films, panels and parties. Pretty awesome hey? Yep we think so too, that’s why we continue our partnership year on year. Our ongoing donations are a vital contribution to their initiatives supporting LGBTQIA+ leaders in the entertainment industry.

Outfest- their impact in numbers

• 1,000+ artists educated

• 41,000 films protected via Outfest Legacy

• 5 million media impressions annually

• 66% of films screened from women, trans, non-binary and POC creators

• In 2018 and 2019 over 2/3 of the film-makers from Outfest’s screenings were women, people of color, transgender or non-binary.

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Pride Bottle


Christopher Racster Executive Director for Outfest
Allies in arts discover

Allies In Arts

EFFEN is proud to partner with this progressive non-profit. They work with artists who are womxn, BIPOC and LGBTQIA2S to help break down barriers and fund their work. Their mission is simple; to level the artistic playing field and amplify unique and diverse creative voices.

Past partnerships

EFFEN has previously worked with two Chicago-based organizations to provide vital funding.

Changing the game

Chicago Football Classic

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Educational support

Link Unlimited Scholars

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Partnership black community
Chill. Jam. Move.

Let loose with our Spotify playlist

Whatever the vibe, wherever you’ve landed, never miss a beat with the EFFEN playlist. This carefully curated list of artists and genres makes the ideal soundtrack to a life lived loud and proud, right now. Just turn up.

Enjoy EFFEN rose vodka with your best friends.
EFFEN is your go-to-vodka-brand for every celebration life has to offer.

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